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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Specialty site for well-known Houston firm...

JoAnne Musick is not only a respected attorney here in Houston. She is also well versed in the Internet Marketing game. Years ago she played a major role in the development of her existing site, writing content, helping with the layout, etc.
She also had the foresight to buy an extra domain name for a smaller, more specific site in the future. The theory here is this; by having a smaller more specific site you help your relevancy and conversion when someone lands on the site. After buying the URL JoAnne never found the time to do anything with it as she became busy practicing law, imagine that. When I met JoAnne in October she expressed interest in finally building a site with the other domain name. She decided that DUI/DWI cases would be a nice target as their existing site already performs well for Family and Juvenile Law searches.
With the help of specific PPC campaigns on Google and Yahoo targeting only local DUI/DWI searches, we are driving traffic to JoAnne’s new site Houston DWI Attorney. Check it out when you have the opportunity.
DID YOU KNOW? JoAnne graduated from Sam Houston State with a degree in Accounting.


Tim said...

Why not just add some new content to her existing site?

Vincent Shrum said...

There are conflicting schools of thought out there concerning this topic. Some say it is better to build, update and improve one site. This allows that site to index better, build links and become somewhat of a "super-site."
Others think that having a specialty site or sites for specific pratice areas or products is the best route to take. The Specialty site can have a higher conversion rate per click as those that find it see only specific content about what they searched for. They aren't trying to navigate though a HUGE site with a hundred pages. Another advantage is that the prospective client may look at the law firm with the smaller site as more focused. They only provide one service and they do it well - at least that should be the message. If I need a DWI lawyer, I don't want to read about their family law practice or if they are Board certified in Bankruptcy Law.