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Thursday, July 30, 2009

MSN and YAHOO taking on Google

After months and month of speculation. MSN and Yahoo have finally agreed on a plan to take on Google. The release of BING no doubt had a lot to do with the agreement and MSN will now have access to Yahoo's searchers. This will allow MSN to get more traffic to BING and build its credibility with searchers. BOTTOM LINE - the competition will probably be a good thing for those who choose to advertise on Search Engines. Google has had too much of the market share for far too long. I'm hoping this will reduce some of the click costs associated with AdWords and level the playing field a little.
Click here to read more about the agreement:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Negative keywords continued...

Problem - your child is trying to write a paper about Vikings. He tries to research on Google by searching "vikings" only to find neverending sites and articles about the Minnesota Vikings and Favre Watch 2009. Solution - use that little "-" key near the top of the keyboard. That's right, the minus key or subtraction symbol can be used to exclude certain results on search engines.
Try the search again by Googling "Vikings -minnesota" or Vikings -nfl" and see what you get. Now you should have nothing but results relevant to the kind of Vikings who were on boats with swords, shields and real horns on their helmets.
The use of negative keywords is also very helpful in driving relevant, qualified visitors to your website. For example, if you are a Criminal Defense Attorney and currently running an AdWords campaign on Google. You might like add "traffic tickets" to your list of negative keywords. I've met recently with a number of criminal defense lawyers who would like to eliminate DWI/DUI cases from their practice. Simple enough, use the "-" key again and add "-DWI/DUI attorney" and other related terms to your list of negative keywords. This way you only get the types of clicks you want and eliminate click costs that aren't EXACLTY what you target.