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Friday, December 16, 2016

Divorce Attorneys... Now is the time!

January used to be known as "divorce month" but not anymore. Research is showing that March is the new "divorce month."
Let's consider a few reasons why. First, the obvious; nobody wants to start the divorce process during the Holiday season. Relatives are in town, everyone is jolly, etc. Once the kids are back in school that first or second week of January, you may or may not hear the starting bell for calls to divorce lawyers.
Second, the January rise in searches on Google for 'divorce' related keywords hits a spike in March when people start getting their tax returns filed and knowing how much their returns will be. Not to mention, how they will file for the coming year if no longer married.
Another reason may be New Year's Resolutions believe it or not. People may decide to get divorced during the Holidays but need a few months to get their finances in order, plan of attack, etc.
The rise in 'divorce related' searches lasts until June when kids will be home for summer. Now is the time to contact me to start targeting local searches for divorce, divorce lawyer, divorce attorney, etc. The next spike doesn't come until mid August when the kids return to school. Imagine that...