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Monday, August 22, 2011

Search Engine Presence

I'm more convinced than ever that an effective Search Engine Presence includes all areas of Search. If you are a lawyer in a major metro like Houston or even a smaller market you need to include ALL areas of Search engine marketing to be successful.
Utilizing Sponsored Ads, website optimization and everything in between can help you compete in a larger market or dominate a smaller market. Keep in mind SEO has changed in the last couple of years. Its more than meta tags, keywords and inbound links. Social Media, Maps, Reputation Management have all changed the SEO landscape. Law Firms are becoming more and more aware of this but should keep in mind that change is the only constant regarding SEO. Just make sure you work with a company or individual who includes ALL factors of SEO and not just bits and pieces. True SEO is a long term investment and needs to be done correctly to drive the right kind of traffic and potential clients to your website.
The same is true for PPC or Sponsored Ads. You should trust your campaign and monthly budget to a company that is 100% transparent. If they don't share your keywords, CPC, Calls, etc. I question what you are truly getting for your money. Sponsored Ads seem simple enough but can be a total waste of money and effort if not managed correctly.