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Monday, March 17, 2008

Great site for North Houston law firm

Congrats to Ruby and Andrew Bolton on the launch of their new site. The law firm of Bolton & Bolton has two offices; one in Tomball and another in The Woodlands. They have a wide range of practice areas including Family Law and Bankruptcy. When Ruby and I spoke initially she wasn't a believer in the Internet as a marketing tool and decided on another website provider. Almost a year later she called me to "revisit" the subject and give FindLaw a try. Since the firm is new to The Woodlands area Ruby wanted to be aggressive and go after business from that area.
After a couple meetings we decided that a Level 3 custom site with a few add-ons would help her dominate the North Houston area. Add-ons include FAQs and an "Information Center" for Bankruptcy as well as a BLOG for her Probate practice. Ruby also submitted her own FAQs for the areas of Divorce and Wills and Trusts.
I have NO doubt that this site will rank well immediatley due to the fact that the domain name has been around for a while and the content is well written. The geo tags are very targeted and should provide a boost for search rankings in the North Houston area. Visit the site at and feel free to let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best new template site in Houston

Congratulations to Michael Von Blon. His site received the most votes in the recent poll for "best new template site in Houston."
Check it out at and feel free to check out the comments below in the post about the poll.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Long Tail searches...

I meet with attorneys every day who want to be on the first page of Google and Yahoo for the searches "divorce attorney Houston" or "texas injury lawyer". These searches are great to show up for but how many of those searches are done by someone who actually wants to hire an attorney?
Research has shown that the searches that usually turn into paying clients or good cases are more specific and many times unique. For example, if searches like, "accident in workplace caused by fatigue" or "helicopter accident on petrochemical platform" start showing up on the traffic reports for your website, get excited. These are referred to as long tail searches.
Sure there is less of these searches performed but they convert at a higher rate. Not to mention, the volume of long tail searches is staggering. Every month my clients can expect to see a handful of searches like, "kingwood lawyer" or "attorney in the woodlands" but they see many more like, "custody modification for military personnel" or "questions about injury on construction site" that are performed only once each. Add all of these unique, long tail searches together and you have some serious search engine traffic.
I'll put it another way, if I give you the five or six searches a month like "houston attorney" and you give me all the long tail searches, which could be hundreds, who do you think will get more clients or cases from those searches?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vote for Best template website in Houston

Template sites are a great way to get noticed by search engines. Many attorneys aren't ready to take the plunge with a large custom website the first time I meet with them so the template site is the perfect way to get indexed on Google, Yahoo, etc without paying top dollar. Here are a few template sites that I like here in Houston:

Check out each and pick your favorite.