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Friday, November 21, 2008

Nicole DeBorde's new SEM campaign

When I met with Nicole she was happy with the amount of DUI cases her site was getting from the search engines. I said, “Great, I want to improve those results by adding a focused SEM campaign targeting searches like, ‘drug Charges defense’ and ‘drug possession attorney’ here in the Houston area. This would allow her to expand her current marketing efforts by giving her exposure on the right side of GOOGLE and Yahoo SERPs.
Her site, Houston Drug Possession Attorney is not only informative but also does a great job of converting the clicks that her SEM campaign attracts. After all, CONVERSION is what it’s all about. Who cares how many clicks you get if nobody contacts you?
Nicole is well-known and has a great reputation here in the Houston legal community. She is a former District Attorney and has appeared numerous times on national news channels including MSNBC and Fox News.

DID YOU KNOW? Nicole is married to another criminal defense attorney here in Houston.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My favorite website!

Check out when you have the chance. I love this site.
Take a quick look at it daily or a couple times a week to find out the latest about search engines and search engine marketing. There are multiple articles posted daily so you can stay informed about the Web and the latest news regarding SEM and optimization.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Murray Criminal Defense

Mekisha Murray is a former Harris County prosecutor and specializes in criminal defense matters here in the Houston area. Take a look at her site at Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer to find out more about her and her practice.
Mekisha is a life-long Houstonian and concentrates solely on criminal defense matters including DUI charges, Drug Possession and Distribution charges as well as both felony and misdemeanors. She does some advertising in the Greensheet but for the most part has built her practice with nothing but hard work and taking great care of her clients.