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Monday, December 15, 2008

Free AVVO listings...

Cynthia Henley is well-known and respected among criminal defense attorneys in Houston. She is a solo practitioner so she watches closely what she spends on advertising. Cynthia has a website and has some listings on Internet directories like and Recently, she has received some quality phone calls from her AVVO profile.
She’s thrilled with this of course, as the profile on AVVO is FREE! Cynthia has taken the time to improve her profile by adding information and photos as well as asking clients to fill out reviews. The profile also includes a place for other attorneys to endorse her as well.
Another benefit from the profile on AVVO is the link to her website – Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston. This inbound link from a relevant, highly trafficked site is a good way to get more visits to her site.If you’re a lawyer and you haven’t taken the time to improve your AVVO listing or worse yet, you don’t even have one. It is well worth your time as Cynthia tells me that she has had a handful of good cases from her AVVO listing in the past 6 months.


Mark Britton said...

Thank you Vincent. We have many, many testimonials from lawyers who are getting tons of business from Avvo. As an attorney myself, this warms my heart. Great attorneys getting great business - it is a win/win for everyone.


Mark Britton
CEO, Avvo

Shalini said...

Vince - Shalini from Avvo here. Thanks for highlighting the marketing services we offer solos and small firms. I have added your blog to my RSS reader.

Anonymous said...

of course, that 'inbound link' has a no-follow, so it will not count for SEO purposes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vince, I'd suggest that Ms. Henley also add her photo, promote client reviews, and regularly post updates to her blog - all for no additional charge - on her listing. Lawyers who have done so have seen tremendous increases in their exposure to potential clients. The site is also linking over to her LinkedIn profile.

Wouldn't it make sense to spend at least as much time maximizing an already-paid-for listing on a higher-traffic site, as it would on a free, but lower-traffic site?