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Monday, November 7, 2011

Websites that convert!

What is the point of capturing a click from the first page of Google if your website can't convert that click into a phone call?
Here is a quick, simple list here to improve the conversion rate of you website:
1- Call to Action (Ex, Call now for a FREE consultation)
2- Ease of Navigation (the end user needs to find what they are looking for quickly)
3- Use Bullet Points ( People scan websites for information, they don't read them like life insurance policies - Bullet points relay important information in an easy to scan format)
4- "Above the Fold" (If the end-user has to scroll down to see what you do and where you're located your site is losing most of them-you have 3-5 seconds to capture someone's attention)
5- Lastly, ADD your phone number at the top of EVERY page on the site; not just the 'contact us' page.
Take a look at Wichita Family Lawyer. The Click to Call Ratio is off the charts.

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