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Monday, March 23, 2009

PPC campaigns and negative keywords...

If you are going to have a successful PPC campaign, you will have to use at least a small list of negative keywords. Using negative keywords effectively is a sure-fire way to refine your keywords and drive QUALITY clicks to your site. Yesterday I performed a search for "wrongful death attorney" on Google. The first PPC result on the right side of the page was an employment attorney who no doubt is bidding on "wrongful termination" terms. As the consumer, looking for a wrongful death attorney how likely is it that I hire an attorney who's site is full of employment law content? Not very likely at all so that's a wasted click and wasted money. Adding "death" as a negative keyword would make sure that his clicks weren't being used up on leads that he has no chance of converting.
Another example - I found an attorney who practices medical malpractice in a search for "legal malpractice houston" on Google. If I click on that ad, I go to a site which is 100% medical malpractice related and dont' see any information about my search for legal malpractice. Again, if the term "Legal" was added to a list of negative keywords it would eliminate these irrelevant clicks.
In this very competitive and expensive SEM game, the more qualified and specific the lead, the better. Use negative keywords effectively to make sure your traffic is worth paying for.

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