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Monday, February 2, 2009

Why do you need a website?

I met with an attorney last week and tried to stress the importance of having a website. She interrupted me mid-thought and shared a story with me. She got a call from a referral not too long ago but was in her car and couldn't write down the client's number. The client said, "that's okay, I'll just check out your site." She had to tell him that she didn't have one and she lost his business. Its that simple. What does it say about your law firm and your practice if people who need an attorney can't find you?
She admitted to me that she has put off a site for years even though she bought a domain name and knew that she needed one. We agreed on a 5 page website so that she can refer prospective clients to it for information about her practice areas. Its a shame that she lost that client and maybe others who looked her up on Google and Yahoo but couldn't find any information about her practice.


Chris Desouza said...

Vincent, oh the irony in your post. Your blog is not self hosted either.

But, I am sure there is something I don't know. Else, your post makes a lot of sense.

Vincent - said...

Chris -
I guess I am missing something...
Why does my Blog need to be self hosted? How is the post ironic?

713-213-6581 said...

Website are the window shopping of today, we don't need to leave our homes to find what we want and who we want to buy it from. If your display window is sloppy, I just move to the next store.