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Friday, January 23, 2009

That time of year...

What area of law you practice can be directly effected by the time of year. I've heard may times that the beginning of the year is a good time for Estate Planning attorneys. Why? Many people put off drafting a Will or setting up their estates until they make it their New Year's Resolution. I've also heard from attorneys that people don't get divorced during the summer (kids are out of school) or the Holidays for obvious reasons. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rules but if this is true, NOW IS THE TIME.My Search Engine product only requires a 4 month campaign so you can start now during the busy season and then pause your campaign during the summer. This allows you to capture some of "New Year's Resolution" searches or some of the divorces that have been put off for the past few months. Even better, if you are an attorney who practices both Family Law and Estate Planning like Karthryn Marteeny, you can capture both types of cases.Kathryn has practiced law for over 20 years in the Houston and Katy, Texas area and her site, Katy Family Lawyer is very informative and easy to navigate. If you need assistance with any Family Law issue or an Estate Planning matter, call Kathryn and take advantage of her FREE initial consultation.

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