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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kathryn Marteeny, P.C.

Kathryn met with a FindLaw rep last year at the Family Law Convention in San Antonio. The rep, Rob O'Connell and Kathryn discussed the Internet in general initially but soon the conversation turned to marketing and using the Internet as an advertising medium.
Kathryn agreed that she needs a website for her practice and that a premium template from FindLaw would fit her needs. The premium template includes moving text across the banner, a more modern design and content than a standard template.
Kathryn's pracitce consists of all areas of Family Law as well as Probate and Estate Planning. She is located on the Katy Freeway so the location is convenient for those in Katy and the west side of town who don't want to bother with downtown traffic and freeway construction along I-10. She is also a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas which requires a high standard of education and ethics of its members.
Kathryn went to West Virginia University and then attended The University of Houston's Bates College of Law.
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Kathryn said...

It was great working with Vince.

Kathryn said...

Actually, I should say, it continues to be great to work with Vince!